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Midbrain activation class
Midbrain Seminar & demo class on 15 Jun 2019
Midbrain activation benifits
Improves memory, concentration & creativity
Develops Concentration and confidence
Balances right & left brain
Develops blind fold reading abilities
Makes one emotionally stable and balanced

About Midbrain Activation Academy

Midbrain activation is the formation of the brain that can activate brain waves, called alpha-theta, as a child, where the waves are able to activate the super intuitive and proven itself. What makes it interesting and exciting to be a child to read, write, draw, and do activities with his / her eyes closed.
Midbrain activation or improvement programme in recent years has spread around the world and sharing. In general, the country is the activation of the brain is already there: Japan, India, Singapore, Russia, Tibet, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ceylon, Australia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and many other countries to follow. Japan actually conducted research for 40 years. Other countries apply the scientific method (technology).


Midbrain activation is a training program to equip children for visual properties without actually seeing them, but science educators and rationalist nicknamed them as a pseudo-science meant taking the gullible parents for a ride. Organizations offering the program are very attractive to parents to say that going to improve memory, concentration and intuition of children by stimulating parts of the brain. The brain woke him up, they say, that the children will be equipped to read and see, even while blindfolded.
The brain woke him up, they say, that the children will be equipped to read and see, even while blindfolded.

Our Vision

Vision and mission of the Academy of midbrain activation to help children grow potential of their brains learn to better prepare them to succeed in school and in the life to come, creating a better future through the creation a generation, which helps create more talents for our country.

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