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What is midbrain activation ?
Midbrain activation 'is a training program to equip children for visual properties without actually seeing them, but science educators and rationalist nicknamed them as a pseudo-science meant taking the gullible parents for a ride.Organizations offering the program are very attractive to parents to say that going to improve memory, concentration and intuition of children by stimulating parts of the brain.
The brain woke him up, they say, that the children will be equipped to read and see, even while blindfolded.
MidBrain activation is a way to stimulate and balance the left and right brains, including activation ability of intuition, which lies in the right brain, so that children are able to do things with the eyes closed. With this active intuition, as children grow their right brain remains active and is not dominated by the left hemisphere of the brain, provided that they are serious practice. So do not ask for this method is the most spectacular, to activate the brain, and can be directly proved his genius after activation. So if your child is still in his / her 5-15 years, you'd better not put off again and immediately be activated, the old, because after 15 years, it is very difficult to do. Please do not regret it, if this age is because intuition is very difficult to be activated when a person becomes mature.
The human brain consists of the right brain and left brain, and they will function optimally if the left and right brain are in balance. But it is a rare condition, most people grow and then the dominant BlackBerry, using their left brain. How can we make a balance between the left and right brain? The answer is that the brain needs to be stimulated from childhood, namely, between the ages of 5-15 years.
About Midbrain Activation Programme
Midbrain activation is the formation of the brain that can activate brain waves, called alpha-theta, as a child, where the waves are able to activate the super intuitive and proven itself. What makes it interesting and exciting to be a child to read, write, draw, and do activities with his / her eyes closed.
Children can read and do anything with her eyes closed such as guess the color of the card, playing the title, guess something inside a closed box, guess something behind the wall, biking / / shoot with your eyes closed, playing computer games with eyes closed, etc.
Midbrain activation or improvement programme in recent years has spread around the world and sharing. In general, the country is the activation of the brain is already there: Japan, India, Singapore, Russia, Tibet, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ceylon, Australia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and many other countries to follow. Japan actually conducted research for 40 years. Other countries apply the scientific method (technology).
Vission And Mission
Vision and mission of the Academy of midbrain activation to help children grow potential of their brains learn to better prepare them to succeed in school and in the life to come, creating a better future through the creation a generation, which helps create more talents for our country. The Academy brain activation organizing a seminar on brain enrichment for adults and children Through the use of modern technology and advanced brainwave frequencies in the joy of the music and stress free environment in the development of the human brain. We are making inroads into the awakening of the human spirit.
Each team member is a professional and entrepreneur brings his diverse knowledge, experience, and most important of all, a commitment to develop a child. We organize courses that can wake up some sleeping capacity of the brain and gives excellent results. Our specialized training focuses on increasing brain capacity, activation of the brain and brain kid.
So give your children the opportunity of a lifetime andd make brain training programs to improve their minds in the future.
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