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Midbrain Activation Benefits ?

In midbrain activation or ESP Improvement Program a child learns how to enter the conditions of a meditative order to be able to see with your eyes closed. The "genius" so-called here does not mean that someone IQ of 130 or more, rather it is a condition that, if we can reduce the brain's alpha waves down to -θ, our brains work the better. When optimizing brain function, all human senses will be their first performances, including intuition, so that children can do activities, his / her eyes closed.
We should be aware that if your brain can be trained to enter this condition, you can even make speed reading (reading a book, one page 1 second), even more: a book positioned down! Thus, the ability blindfolded reading speed faster storage and better concentration can be achieved if our brain successfully enters a state genius (alpha-theta wave).
What makes a child has the ability to activate midbrain active intuition. What is intuition? Intuition is the ability of a person to get an idea of all issues instantly / real time or "the ability to think without thinking" Another definition of intuition: Intuition is a combination of historical data (empirical), deep and enhanced monitoring and the ability to cut through the thickness of the surface of reality. Intuition is like a slow motion car that captures the data and instantly hits you like a ton of bricks intuition sensing, knowing that is beyond conscious awareness -. Sixth sense intuition is not pseudoscience - Arthur Abellami
Since the brain activation Advantages are:
  • Rest of the right and left brain.
  • Developing a reading ability of blind fold.
  • It develops confidence.
  • It develops concentration .
  • It improves memory.
  • It improves creativity.
  • It makes emotionally stable and balanced.
Midbrain activation Ability
  • Coloring: The children color a picture.
  • Guess color: Children receive small plastic ball and asked to guess the color.
  • Guess a UNO Cards: Children are asked to guess the color of a UNO card ,number, etc.
  • Reading the title of a newspaper.
  • Walk with eyes closed.
midbrain activation benifits
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